Back To Back Freestyle By Drake


Aaaand one more diss song by drake. This time the diss track is to meek mill. Is drake cyber bullying all other rappers? Lol, we think so. Drake is slaying it this year with his diss songs and all other awesome tracks.

Back To Back Freestyle By Drake The beat of this track is just like the one from classic rap songs.
We hope all the victims of drake’s diss tracks don’t gang up against him. He’s challenging some deep trouble.

Drake asks in his song, “You love her then you gotta give the world to her / is that a world tour or your girl’s tour?” referring to his girlfriend, Nicki Minaj. This must have set Meek on fire.
Meek mill accused drake of having a ghost writer and then drake served him right.

Drake seems to be the king of diss songs right now.