Bitch Better Have My Money By Rihanna


Bitch Better Have My Money By Rihanna Released on July 1,2015

when you hear a new song is coming by   “Rihanna” you know that a new hit is on its way. I mean, who doesn’t like Rihanna?
As visible that it was released in the mid of year 2015, this song has still managed to stay in the top lists.
Written by Jamille Pierre, BadriiaBourelly, Rihanna and Travis Scott and produced by Scott, Kanye West, this one got nominated in teen choice award and won soul train music award for song of the year.When you see all those famous names together, there’s no doubt left about the success of that song.

“Bitch better have my money” was recorded for Rihanna’s new album “Anti”. I found the cover of this song very interesting as Rihanna is wearing a different look and song title is written in Braille.