Cake by the Ocean-DNCE


The song “Cake by the Ocean” is by DNCE, an American group who debuted with this single launched on 18th of September 2015 for sale and on 22nd of January 2016 for the radio, via “Republic Records.” “Cake by the Ocean” is the main song as of their unveiling Album “SWAAY.” Justin Tranter, Mattman & Robin and Joe Jonas wrote this song, the song was produced by the Swedish pair Mattman & Robin. If we talk about the lyrics it begins as of a misinterpretation of the expression “sex on the beach” by the Sweedishes, which they by mistake interpreted as “cake by the ocean.” Gigi Hadid and Black Coffee directed the Cake by the Ocean’s music video, and was on large in 2015 October. This song touched the number 9 position in US Billboard Hot 100 and was number 1 in many countries. As of a start DNCE group has gained so much attention which be beneficial for them in future.