Dance like We’re Making Love-Ciara


The song “Dance Like We’re Making Love” is by Ciara as of her 6th album named Jackie. Theron Thomas, Timothy Thomas, Henry Walter, Lukasz Gottwald, and Ciara herself wrote the song, and Cirkut and Dr. Luke produced it. While creating the album, Ciara got in touch with Luke to once more work with her because she desired to work among her dream squad of producers. Jointly, they make 3 songs and “Dance Like We’re Making Love” was recorded at the same time as Ciara was with her first child.

The associated song video of the song was recorded in 2015 June and Dave Meyers directed it. Earlier from its release, Ciara placed some teaser clip on social media, earlier than it completely launched on 16th of July, 2015 in Times Square New York. Ciara said about video: “For video I truly wanted to dare myself, and I’m fortunate I got to work with Dave Meyers. The choreography is in reality also fresh, and I got to perform a few of my signature moves.” It has Aakomon Jones the choreographer as Ciara’s co-star and dance associate.