Ghost Town-Adam Lambert


The song “Ghost Town” is by Adam Lambert an American artist. This song is for his 3rd studio album named “The Original High” which was released in 2015. This song was launched as the main single song of the album on 21st of April, 2015. From the time when it was launched, the song has gathered significant profitable and critical achievement, becoming to some extent of a sleeper smack in numerous countries and in the US getting a considerable quantity of radio play.

“Ghost Town” got in the Chart of UK Singles at 82nd place. The next week, the song ascended to 71st spot in the midst of 5,637 sales.

“Ghost Town” hopped from 16th place to 2ns spot on the Chart of Australian ARIA Singles on 10th of August, 2015 subsequent his show on “The Voice Australia”.

Hype Williams directed the associated song video for “Ghost Town” and was launched on 29th of April, 2015. The video shows on a white setting Lambert dancing with sparking of all kinds of dancers who are dancing with the beat. Video also comprise old pictures of a “ghost town”.