Good for You-Selena Gomez


The song “Good for You” is by Selena Gomez who is an American singer. She recorded this song for her 2nd studio album “Revival”. In its explicit version it also features ASAP Rocky an American rapper. Nolan Lambroza, Justin Tranter, Nick Monson and Julia Michaels wrote the song whereas Nolan and Nick also produced it. Writers conceived the song within 45 minutes literally, all through a meeting reserved by the producers. After that, the vocalist obtained the song by means of A&R trio and was completely concerned in its artistic session, serving to build up it as a depiction of her course of self-recognition, her self-belief as a young lady, and her mind-set of exposure.

Sophie Muller directed the associated song video for “Good for You”. In video, Gomez desired to symbolize her expedition to maturity and to encourage feminine empowerment, which she believes sturdily about and wishes for to portray in a unrefined and exposed way.