I’m a Ruin-Marina and the Diamonds


The song “I’m a Ruin” is by Marina Diamandis a Welsh singer and songwriter, she is professionally recognized as “Marina and the Diamonds”. This song was launched on 2nd of February 2015 as the 3rd official single song as of her 3rd studio album named Froot. “I’m a Ruin” was admired by reviewers, who highly praised its making, poetic content, and vocal deliverance of Diamandis; it was afterward called over as a best part of Froot.

On 3rd of  February 2015, the authorized song video was launched by means of website of Noisey. Marcus Lundqvist directed the video and was recorded through end of 2015 January on Lanzarote’s island, and shows dancing of Diamandis before a infertile mountainous scenery, which changes afterward to an undersea scene someplace jellyfish encircles her. After seventeen days, an audio video for “I’m a Ruin” was launched on the website Elle. Paul Caslin directed that video, who has directed every Diamandis’ auditory videos on the Album “Froot”.