I’m an Albatraoz-AronChupa ft Nora Ekberg


The song “I’m an Albatraoz” is by AronChupa who is a Swedish producer and DJ, Nora Ekberg his sister is featured in this song as main singer but left uncredited. In Australia and Sweden this song is licensed as double platinum and in Denmark, Italy and New Zealand as platinum.

The video f the song introduces Nora Ekberg, Aron,s younger sister as the main role and singer, she is identified as “Little Sis Nora” as well. The video begins by means of the French presenter introducing the song, in the midst of a black environment, and the manuscript “A film by AronChupa” and “In association with Sertac Yildizhan”, together with the pianist.

Video starts in the dressing room where women are revealed applying perfume and performing makeup, and look like supportive dancers in their dresses. At the same time as the video is centered maximum on Nora, AronChupa is working at the back a phonograph as well, with a grown-up drummer close by. Saxophone artists can be seen as well.