kings Never Die By Eminem Ft. Gwen Stefani


kings Never Die By Eminem Ft. Gwen Stefani Released on July 9, 2015 “kings never die” is the second track from Eminem’s new album “southpaw”.
Eminem is one of the few rappers left who rap about money and not about money, drugs and hoes.

This track has explicit language but this track is meaningful if you listen carefully. Eminem raps so hard and fast and this whole track is full of ultimate kind of energy. Gwen Stefani sings the “kings never die” line perfectly and Eminem takes the rest of track with a smooth and energetic flow.

Eminem can never disappoint us. This track received positive response from the critics and by now it has garnered more than ten million views. It’s good to see the Eminem back because no one can ever rap like Eminem and we never get tired of his music.