Lynda Carter to Play President in Supergirl


Are you ready to read some fantastic news regarding Supergirl casting? Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman of TV, has confirmed to play the character of United States’ president. She will make her president debut in 3rd episode of second season of the show and continue from then.


In three seasons of Wonder Woman, Carter played as the title hero and her code-named Diana Prince on CBS and ABC series. Since 1979, appearing in Golden Lasso of Truth, Carter has been seen in various TV shows, including Law & Order: SVU and Hawkeye, and many films as well like Sky High and Super Troopers. She appeared as guest role in one episode of The CW/ WB’s Smallville in 2007 and presently worked in Two and a Half Men. Carter is also seen touring the country singing. She has released albums, like 2011’s Crazy Little Things.

The existence of one of original superheroes of TV is not the only modification for Supergirl. The series is going towards CW from CBS following year, but it will be broadcasted on the same timeslot; at 8 p.m. on Mondays. Supergirl also intends to introduce Superman, cousin of Kara/Supergirl. Tyler Hoechlin, Teen Wolf veteran will be seen playing as hero.

The rumors regarding Carter appearing in Supergirl was firstly rumored in March. At that time, producers teased announcing that they were having a role for her in mind, but the thing didn’t work out.

The Wonder Woman first appeared on big screen when Gal Gadot was seen playing the character of hero in Dawn of Justice. Gadot is expected to do a solo appearance as the classical hero in 2017 June with costars Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright. Pine will be seen playing the character of Steve Trevor, love interest, the role played by Lyle Waggoner in Carter’s TV series. However, Carter would not be seen on the big screen meanwhile.