The song “Realiti” is by Grimes a Canadian artist of synthpop. Originally this song was scheduled for launch on her destroyed 4th album, launched as a video on YouTube on 8th of March, 2015 as gratitude to her admirers in Asia. This song was afterward declared to be present on her new album named Art Angels.

Grimes initially wished to release this song on her neglected 4th album. She alleges it to merely be a sample that was made in early on 2013, and that she misplaced the original file, so it was in no way mastered and varied. The edition as of the video of the song has was actually obtained as of an mp3 file of the song that she attempted to edit in what she thinks to be “a listenable condition.” Melodiously, the song is depicted as trance and EDM.

Grimes herself recorded the video intended for the sample version of song, and demonstrates recording taken throughout her visit in Asia.