Selena Gomez Pays Tribute to Christina Grimmie in Miami



The celebrity singer Selena Gomez burst out into tears in Miami at her concert Saturday night. She was paying a moving tribute to Christina Grimmie, her late friend. Selena got real emotional when she performed her song “Nobody”. She uttered the words “I’m sorry” to her fans. She finally gathered her self-control in order to express her feelings about TheVoice star, which was shot dead by a man who was believed to be her crazy fan. She was signing autograph after a show held in Orlando.

Gomez said that she was 15 when she and her parents met her and signed her. Her voice was trembling while she was expressing her feelings about her dearest friend. She further said that one quality about Christina and her family was that she held her faith very close to her. It was not about good deeds or something like that, it was not about a religion. It was just that she held faith. Serena said that she did not really understand how that whole thing had happened. She then announced that her next song would be her tribute to Christina. Being seated at piano, the famous singer sang a movie version of “Transfiguration” by Hilsong Worship. Due to security reasons, she cancelled her meet and greet, prior to her show.


Selena Gomez was grieving the loss of Christina Grimmie, her dear friend, who was sadly shot dead when she was signing autographs for fans on Friday night at her Florida concert. A moving tribute was delivered by Selena to the Voice star who was just 22 at the time of her murder. Selena performed on Saturday in Miami, after abandoning a meet and greet due to security issues. Selena Gomez, 23, burst into tears while talking about her associated with Christina before dedicating her Transfiguration by Hillsong Worship.

Grimmie was a YouTube star placed 3rd on 6th season of The Voice. She was shot dead by Kevin James, 27, on June 10 at the Plaza Live after the opening of her show for the band “Before You Exit”. Loibl was hurriedly undertaken by Mark, Grimmie’s brother, before shooting himself.

A candlelight vigil in Grimmie’s honor will be held in Evesham Township, her hometown on Monday night.