Tear in my Heart-Twenty One Pilots


The song “Tear in My Heart” is by the band Twenty One Pilots who recorded and wrote this song designed for their 4th album named “Blurryface.” Twenty One Pilots is an American hip hop, alternative duo band. “Tear in My Heart” was out in 2015 on 6th of April worldwide on YouTube, and on the similar date it was launched as a single as well. Marc Klasfeld directed the music video of the song. In accumulation to the both members of the band, Tyler Joseph who is the lead singer of the band, his wife Jenna emerged as an actor in the video of the song as well. The songs which band highly charted, Tear in my Heart is one of those songs, it stayed at No. 2 place for eight weeks on the Billboard Songs chart, while the song “Renegades” of X Ambassadors kept it from peaking the table.