The Matrimony By Wale Ft. Usher


The Matrimony By Wale Ft. Usher Released on March 2, 2015 this track was recorded for wale’s fourth studio album “The album about nothing”.This track is about commitment and start of a new life. Its video released on June 9, 2015 and the video is as good as the audio and lyrics.

“If there’s a question of my heart, you got it” Usher’s voice gave me one could have sung that part better than Usher. In the video usher is playing piano and usher keeping it cool as always , this time with his new look,a trimmed beard. Wale neatly dressed up in white suit and rapping with regret because he lost the love of his life and as the lyrics says they lost the baby.

Wale is so full of regret missing the love of his life but now she has moved on and getting married to someone else but in the end wale appears neatly dressed in that chapel and she runs back to her refusing to get married to that other man.
Black and white was the main colors in the video and the song is so beautiful it moved a few people to tears.